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Florida is a pleasure anytime. The wintertime (December through April) is when most visitors come for the Florida sun, warmth and clear skies, but sometimes in the summer it's cooler here than in the northern states!




Snowbirds: if you don't know the word, you will.

Snowbirds are the folks who fly to Florida as soon as the snow starts falling up north.

In effect, there are two Venices: Summer Venice and Winter Venice.

Summer Venice, from June through October, is a small, pleasant Florida Gulf Coast city with an easy pace, friendly people, and quiet traffic. Days are long, temperatures are tropical, the sun is hot, the Gulf sea water is as warm as bath water and great for swimming. Beaches are uncrowded. In fact, everything's uncrowded. It's easy to get doctor's appointments. Evenings are mild and pleasant because of the sea breezes. It can be a great time to visit.

Winter Venice, from January through April, is a bustling Florida Gulf Coast resort, with a busier pace, lots of less-familiar people with northern accents, and bustling traffic. Half the cars have non-Florida license plates, with lots from the Northeast, Midwest and Canada.

Days are shorter (but an hour or so longer than the days "up north"), with mild to warm temperatures broken by the occasional cold snap when nighttime temperatures can descend to the 40s F (4 to 9°C) and even, unusually, to freezing (32°F/0°C).

The Gulf sea water is cool, from refreshing to chilly. Beaches are more crowded, but if you walk for ten minutes you'll easily escape the crowds. Shops and restaurants are busy, and the Venice Fishing Pier, North Jetty and South Jetty are well populated with people fishing.

The months of May and November are somewhere in between. Snowbirds who have not returned to their homes in the north for Easter may stay into May. Those coming to visit relatives and friends for Thanksgiving may stay for a Florida vacation. A lot more come south after northern hunting season ends.

December is an anomaly, with some visitors coming, but lots of year-round residents flying north for the holidays with relatives and old friends.

Vacation rentals are most expensive in February and March, they can be somewhat less expensive in January and April, and prices drop substantially between May and December. Here's more information on Venice lodgings.


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