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Venice's southernmost beach is good for serious beach people. Walk south from the parking area, and you can get away from everyone else.




Southernmost of the beaches in Venice Florida (map) is Caspersen Beach, preferred by those looking for more shade and the variety of rock outcrops along the beach.

The rough rock outcrops that intrude here and there on the fine sand of the beach are tough on the feet, but their virtue is not to walk on. Rather, they break the waves that wash onto the beach. This attracts fish and the fish attract Florida's wonderful fishing birds, including herons, Great Blue Herons, and diving pelicans.

The breaking of the waves also gathers sharks' teeth into concentrations making them easier to find. More...

Facilities include toilets, outdoor showers, raised walkways, and several parking lots, including one very close to the beach reserved for handicapped access.

Drive south along Harbor Drive past the airport, Service Club Beach, Sharky's on the Pier, and the golf club to Caspersen Beach at the end of the road.

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Caspersen Beach, Venice Florida

Caspersen Beach: note the rock outcrops, good for attracting fish—and fossil sharks' teeth.